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Restaurant Marketing Solutions offers a comprehensive all-in-one service designed to increase your restaurant’s revenue. We provide all the tools and components from implementation to execution for each campaign. Our strategic marketing process is guaranteed to generate additional income without a need for additional staff support. This is a complete all-inclusive restaurant strategy and execution program.

Your Restaurant Growth Potential

The typical North American household spent an average of $3,459 on food away from home in 2018, up 8.8% since 2016.

The overall economic impact of the restaurant industry is expected to be $899 billion in 2020, with the full service sector representing approximately 33% of this total. That means your full service restaurant is operating in a $297 billion dollar a year sub category. Have you identified your growth potential and what steps are you taking to achieve these goals?

Overall in 2020, restaurateurs reported that tourism represented approximately 15% to 30% of total sales.This means that local customers drive nearly 70% or more of your business. What are you doing to establish and foster a genuine relationship with them? When a restaurant implements a comprehensive all in one direct marketing plan, a positive return on investment is guaranteed!

The success of a restaurant hinges on two important factors: the ability to attract new customers, and then a plan in which to keep them coming back. The residual income potential of re-marketing to your existing customers is an overall process that takes place
inside the restaurant through service and outside the restaurant through communication. Imagine having the ability to personally invite your customers back into your restaurant on special occasions or during a time of the week outside your peak hours. Reaching out to your customers is an excellent way to keep a relationship going while at the same time driving additional business.

Most restaurateurs however, rely too heavily on service and personality to build their reputation and do not take an active enough role to promote that reputation to their core customers. At Restaurant Marketing Solutions (RMS), we have a complete strategy in place to help you communicate with your core customers that is effective and affordable.

Help you communicate with your core customers

Actively cultivating, communicating and rewarding your existing customers will generate more residual income than solely relying on new business.

Direct Marketing

There are many options and tools by which a restaurant can market itself effectively. The consequence of all marketing efforts is to grow word of mouth and stay top of mind. It is no great secret but it is the hallmark of any profitable business.

While TV, Radio and Print offer “reach and frequency” appeal, they rarely address the issue of target. You often end up spending a lot of money speaking to people who do not represent your clientele or who are not interested in what you’re offering.


Targeted Direct Marketing

Building long-term, loyal relationships with customers is the key to profitability. The ultimate purpose of marketing, advertising and sales initiatives is to get the potential customer to do something – a call to action. Although a one-to-one relationship is not revolutionary in the restaurant business, new technologies, in particular the computer and the Internet, along with the growth of e-commerce, have made direct and personalized communication affordable and effective.

Over the past decade, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become the bridge by which restaurateurs get, keep, and grow customers.

In turn, these relationships translate into increasing your Return on Investment (ROI). Most restaurants, due to available time and staff constraints, fail to implement a direct marketing strategy that communicates on a personal basis. For some restaurants this has resulted in unfocused, unmeasured, and expensive marketing expenditures with little or no Return on Investment!

To help you, RMS has a single objective: to increase sales through personalized and genuine direct communication with your most important asset - your customers.
When a restaurant implements a comprehensive all in one direct marketing plan, a positive return on investment is guaranteed!

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